As a key components of our China Lifecycle Initiative (CNLCI), we have officially kicked off our Product Lifecycle Managemenet Capability Building Initiative in Beijing, as our first stop in China. We have been given great support by Tsinghua University's Chemical Engineering Dept as our organizational partner for this event, without them it couldn't have been such a success.

    During the two days PLMCBI training, we focused on LCA as a tool and method to address product sustainability issue, with the support from SimaPro, a widely used LCA software. At the meanwhile, we also introduced the CLCI initiative, which is targeting to become the central of life cycle capability building and sharing platform for product sustainability related life cycle applicaitons in China, and also introduced a new water footprint method developed by Ecovane to address the water scarcity issue in China. The last but not the least, we discussed questions and problems regarding LCA and general issue in China such as supply chain sustainability and so on.

    It has been a great opportunity to sit together with around 35 young talents from China's leading university and research institutes, we had the pleasure to discuss and learn with srudents from Tsinghua, Beijing University, China Academy of Science, China Academy of Environmental Science, China Agriulture University, China Forestry University, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing University of Information and Technology and etc.

    The presentations from the PLMCBI is downloadable through the links below.

    Thanks for your participation and look forward to working with you more in the future.


    Bill Kung

    PS: our next PLMCBI training event will be hold togeter with ISC-Nanjing University on March 1-2, 2012, you can either follow our newsletter or follow our WEIBO at weibo.com, our ID is CLCI_ecovane

    PRESENTATIONS (Click to download):

    1: CLCI-Introduction

    2: CLCI-PLMCBI-Module1-Water_footprint

    3: CLCI-PLMCBI-LCA_Training_with_SimaPro


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