• LCA in Nanjing University, Sun Yet-san University and HongKong City University

    To improve the capacity of LCA in China we initiated the free LCA training course in China named PLMCBI. As a part of our China National Lifecycle Initiative (CNLCI) , PLMCBI has seen over 100 students joining our LCA course, and 100 is not the final number yet for 2012, as we have been invited by another university in Shanghai to give LCA lectures for a class sized around 80 students in April 2012.

    Since the kick off of Product Lifecycle Management Capability Building Initiative (PLMCBI) on December 1, 2011, we have run the following training and seminars so far:

    Dec 1-2, 2011: In Tsinghua University with support from Chemical Department (Beijing).

    March 1-2, 2012: in Nanjing University ISC center (Suzhou).

    March 13-14, 2012: in Sun Yet-san University EHS Academy (Guangzhou)

    March 16, 2012: in Hongkong City University (Hongkong)

    We hope the initiative can facilitate the learning and uptake of LCA as a tool to address environmental and sustainability issue, and create more cases of product sustainability in the future.

    During the training, we have been given the chances to invite Dr. Christian from SIG company to share his insight on LCA and the practical side of the story: how to develop LCA based sustainability in business and apply the results and so on (the LCA presentation named SIG_LCA_presentation_handout.pdf is available via download the presentation).

    We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the following people, without you the PLMCBI couldn't have been so successful:

    Dr. Liu Zhidan from Tsinghua University for proposing and organizing the first PLMCBI LCA training in Tsinghua ;

    Prof. Xing Xinhui from Tsinghua University for supporting the first PLMCBI-LCA training;

    Mr. Mel Rice from Institute of Sustainable Community for proposing the training with Nanjing University ISC center;

    Mr. William Shen and Ms. Memory from ISC for organizing and supporting the training in Nanjing University;

    Ms. Winnie and Lily from EHS Academy of Sun Yet-san University for proposing and orgazing the PLMCBI LCA training in Guangzhou;

    Professor Wang Xiaohui for supporting the training in Sun Yet-san University;

    Professor. Chan Yan Cheong from City University of Hongkong for supporting the LCA training in Hongkong CityU;

    Thank You!


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